Venice, FL Pest Control

Venice is a small town in Florida that provides its residents with a relaxing atmosphere, and if you like warm weather, you would be happy to call it home. The climate, though, does not just attract people. The residents and business owners of Venice have a hard time keeping pests away from their property, and some of them start to feel hopeless as a result. If you live in the area and are currently facing an infestation, you are not alone, but you can take many steps to safeguard yourself. The approach that you will want to use will depend on the type of pest with which you are dealing, and the following information will point you down the right path.


House, fire and carpenter are just a few of the ant types that you will spot in Venice. Although house ants are not harmful, they are unpleasant to have around and can contaminate your food. Fire ants will bite if you provoke them or get too close to their nest, so you should try to avoid making direct contact. When carpenter ants get inside of your home or commercial building, they can cause a lot of damage to wood floors and walls. You will need to keep your food sealed and floors and counters clear if you don't want ants to greet you.


Once cockroaches get inside your home, they can be a pain to remove. Because they like to avoid light, seeing them in the open is a red flag that you have a large infestation on your hands. Attracted to moisture, cockroaches will be thrilled to invade buildings that have leaky pipes. If you go to the store or look online, you can find a range of products that will help you control this problem, but they are likely not enough to handle large infestations.


Fleas are tiny parasites that need to feed on a host to survive, and they will commonly target cats, dogs and other pets. Once they get inside, some of the fleas can fall off their animal host, and they will then target you and your family. In the early stages of a flea infestation, your pet will probably scratch more than usual, and using flea shampoo can contain the invaders before they multiply. If your flea infestation is already out of control, you can find sprays and other chemicals that will work wonders when it comes to freeing your home of these pests.

Pickhardt Professional Services

Many of the products that are available only provide people with mixed results, and not containing an invasion promptly can make it even more expensive to manage. Even with the right products, you won't be able to address the pests correctly unless you also have the proper training and experience. If you want to enlist the help of a company that won't let you down, turn to Pickhardt Professional Services. Our dedication to customer satisfaction helps us stand out from the crowd in a powerful way, and we will do what it takes to meet your needs. We always pay close attention to the details and won't miss any spots. When we are on your side, you will know that the pests won't have anywhere to hide, so if you are ready to get started, give us a call right away.

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