Sarasota Pest Control

Pickhardt Professional Services prides itself on providing quality pest control services to Sarasota, Florida and to all of Sarasota, Manatee and Hillsborough counties. Our residential and commercial customers are guaranteed to be pest free after they experience our customized service. We were founded and are owned by a graduate horticulturist that has 35 years of experience designing programs of pest control tailored made for the customer. Let us help clear your home or business of some of the bothersome creatures that infest it like these.


A spilled soft drink or a piece of candy lost under the furniture can have a line of ants trooping through your house. Florida is home to several different varieties of ants so it is no wonder that they are one of the most common problems that homeowners have to face. When these little insects infest your life we can make sure that the problem is quickly and efficiently handled. Inside your home or out in your yard, you do not have to worry about the ants.


You love your dogs and cats. Unfortunately, so do the fleas. If you do not treat your pets for fleas on a regular basis they will find their way into your home. The nasty biting pests will quickly find new homes in your furniture, carpet and bedding, making the lives of you and your family miserable. By treating your pets and then having our technicians come to your home all of the fleas and their eggs can be eliminated. Your family and your pets will thank you.


Ticks can be a serious problem for people and their pets. Their bite can often result in serious illness caused by Lyme disease and the Bourbon virus. To protect yourself and all of the members of your family, four legged and two, make sure that your pets receive regular tick treatments. You should use a good insect repellent and avoid the tall grass where ticks like to live. When you do venture into those areas be sure to check yourself for ticks regularly. Our technicians can be there to eliminate any problems if you think that ticks might be infesting your house. This is your family. You do not want to take any chances.

If you think that you might have one of these or any other type of pest problem, call us at 888-908-0269 right away. One of our friendly and experienced technicians will be sent to your home to give you a free quote. We will find the right solution for your pest problem and take care of it as fast as possible.

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