Riverview Pest Control

Pickhardt Professional Services has provided residential and commercial pest control for those living and working in Riverview and the surrounding area for years. With 40 years of professional experience, we understand what it takes to diagnose and eliminate pest infestations while implementing preventative measures to give you a pest-free home or business for the future. Florida's hot and humid weather makes it the ideal habitat for pests of all types, many of which come into your living space uninvited.


Many different ant species thrive in Riverview, such as carpenter ants and fire ants. Carpenter ants like to bore into wood siding and lawn furniture, creating unsightly holes as they infest your home and property. Fire ants build large mounds on the lawn and deliver painful stings if you get too close. Sugar ants also find their way into homes and businesses and seek out food in the kitchen cabinets and pantries. Our team can identify the problem species, treat the infestation and create a barrier for future prevention.


Cockroaches get into your home through tiny cracks or gaps around pipes and vents. Once they're inside, they breed behind the walls and cabinets and come out at night in search of food. These invasive pests carry bacteria and viruses and contaminate your belongings as they scurry about in the dark. We can inspect your home for roach infestations and treat the problem areas without negatively affecting your family's health.


Fleas are great hitchhikers as they hop onto your pet and make their way into your home. These tiny pests can burrow and hide in carpets, furniture and bedding and survive over-the-counter flea bombs and sprays. Even if you get rid of the adults, the eggs will still remain in the carpet and hatch months later, causing a repeat infestation. When you have treated your pet, our team will enter your home and eradicate the remaining flea adults and eggs for good.


Ticks thrive by latching onto a host and sucking its blood. They transmit Lyme disease and other tick-borne diseases to people, causing severe symptoms in some cases. Ticks hide in tall grasses and on overhanging tree limbs while waiting for a person or an animal to pass by. Pickhardt Professional Services provides both lawn and pest control services in one, eliminating the ticks and the areas in which they live and breed.

You don't have to deal with pest infestations on your own. Contact Pickhardt Professional Services for a free quote. Our highly trained and professional technicians will inspect, identify and treat the pests in your home and create a maintenance solution to prevent future infestations from happening.

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