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Florida is a breeding ground for a variety of insects due to its year-round hot and humid temperatures. Hillsborough, Sarasota and Manatee Counties are particularly susceptible to having large populations of whiteflies, cockroaches and ants. In addition to insects that have thrived in this area for many years, there are exotic or invasive species of pests that are introduced from cruise ships and airplanes. Fortunately, local residents can hire expert exterminators who are able to identify and control pests to prevent the spread of disease or destruction of foliage.


Whiteflies consume the underside of leaves on plants located in farm fields, gardens and lawns, destroying foliage. This flying insect carries numerous diseases that it spreads to plants, creating a massive loss of crops or trees that provide shade and beauty. The whitefly species is extremely sturdy, developing fast resistance to many chemical pesticides. The resistance to chemicals is passed along to successive generations, making the control of whiteflies more difficult. The only way to control this insect is by hiring an experienced exterminator.


Cockroaches survive in most locations but thrive in Florida where there are no cold temperatures. No one wants to have cockroaches in a building because the insects transmit infectious diseases from crawling through sewers. Most cockroaches congregate in buildings in kitchen cupboards or appliances near easy food sources. This insect breeds quickly in hidden spaces, including baseboards or window crevices. Most cockroaches remain hidden during the day but scurry out at night to search for food. When someone sees a cockroach in a building, there are likely thousands more lurking behind walls.


Most ant species have colonies outside but will invade homes as the population of insects increase. Ants can destroy wooden building foundations and structures by tunneling through items to make pathways and nesting sites. Some ant species will sting or bite, leading to a serious medical emergency for an individual with a severe allergy. The red imported fire ant is an invasive species that builds colonies in lawns near homes. Anyone getting near a colony of these fire ants risks numerous painful stings or bites.

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Pickhardt Professional Services located in Parrish, Fla., offers Bayshore Gardens Pest Control at residential and commercial properties throughout Manatee, Sarasota and Hillsborough Counties. We provide inspections, extermination and control for invading insects that are common in our humid and hot geographic zone. Technicians are available to exterminate pests inside or outside buildings located in cities, towns or rural locations. To request a free quote concerning our extermination services that control whiteflies, cockroaches or ants living on lawns or inside buildings, contact us with an online form or telephone call at 1-888-908-0269.

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