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The heat and humidity along Florida’s west coast invite tourists from all over the world, but homeowners in Manatee, Sarasota and Hillsborough counties face challenges that they create. Weeds thrive in the summer heat and rain, and ticks can create health hazards. The best defense against pests and invasive weeds as well as support for a healthy lawn is an experienced pest control and lawn care contractor. Pickhardt Professional Services offers three generations of superior care of Florida landscapes.

Removing Ticks

Ticks can carry more than one disease at a time, and Lyme is one of them. Harmful to pets as well as humans, it can cause serious illness. Ticks inhabit wooded areas that accent many yards in Florida, and they can cling to the skin or clothing of a person or pet that passes nearby.

Limiting skin exposure can help prevent a tick from biting you, and tucking your pants into your socks when you go outside is an effective deterrent. When you come inside, check your skin and clothing for a pea-sized reddish-brown creature. When it needs to eat, it is flat and hard to see. When it completes a blood meal, it is several times larger and grayish in color. Pickhardt Professional Services treats tick infestations and eradicates them from your yard.

Controlling Weeds

Weeds thrive in Florida’s infertile and dry soil, conditions that are opposite of the needs of beautiful green grass. Coastlines that emerged after millions of years on the ocean floor provide a home for weeds that can survive in adverse conditions. Sandy soils allow water to flow through, providing an adequate amount for tough weeds but not for grass or decorative plants.

Company founder and owner Vernie Pickhardt is a professional horticulturist who understands the challenge of maintaining a weed-free lawn in Florida. The company uses herbicides that eradicate weeds before they fully emerge and when they establish a presence in your yard. Florida may seem like a green paradise where anything can grow, but it takes management by an experienced lawn care professional to defeat weeds from taking over.

Fertilizing Lawns

Acknowledging that grass is as much of a plant as any beautiful specimen or ornamental helps Florida homeowners understand the importance of lawn care. While it is an attractive asset to any home’s façade, it is usually underfoot and not attracting much attention. For grass to present the best appearance in a landscape, it needs and deserves special care and regular feeding.

Lawns that appear green and luscious receive the proper proportions of nitrogen, calcium and potassium. Providing routine fertilization can help grass resist the devastating impact of crabgrass, dandelions and dollar weed. At Pickhardt Professional Services, we select the best granular and liquid products to enrich and maintain your lawn. The care that you give your yard can make it an asset to your home.

Taking Action

Florida lawns endure intense heat that can damage their beauty and durability. The best lawn care provides mowing at the proper height, pest control, fertilization and watering. At Pickhardt Professional Services, we take pride in our family’s 40-year history of providing superior lawn care and pest control on Florida’s west coast. Call Pickhardt Professional Services for a free quote on your lawn care and pest control needs.

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