Myakka City Pest Control

Pickhardt Professional Services is who many frustrated residents of Myakka City, FL, turn to when pests such as those listed below have become too much of a nuisance. This respected company was founded and is owned by Vernie Pickhardt; he has more than 35 years of experience and is a graduate horticulturist.


These insects can provide you with painful bites or stings, and they can also contaminate food by transferring bacteria to it. In fact, ants can also transfer bacteria directly to you by coming in contact with an open wound. For these reasons, it is important to remove any entry points that they may have into your residence, seal all food and not leave water lying around. However, using soapy water to clean up their routes will eradicate the odor they used to help direct others into your home.


This pest is one you do not want to ever see since, if there is one, there are most likely many more out of sight, and you should contact Pickhardt Professional Services to find and get rid of them as doing so on your own is almost always going to be too much to ask of yourself. Like ants, they can also carry and transmit bacteria. Seventy cockroach species live in Florida, and most people in the Sunshine State have to battle them at some point in their lives.


Although pets like cats and dogs are most apt to bring these pests into your homes, these insects are persistent and can enter via a number of other methods, including riding on mice and rats that have entered your home or on stray animals and wildlife that bring them to your house's exterior; they then use other means to enter your home. Make sure to get your pets treated before calling Pickhardt Professional Services for help eradicating fleas from your house.


These pests oftentimes ride on your body, your clothing or your pets en route to your home, so you should make sure to regularly inspect all of those areas for ticks as they can carry diseases as serious as Lyme disease and babesiosis. If you find any on your skin, make sure to remove it completely, including any mouth parts, and do not crush its body. Use tweezers or forceps and save it inside a lidded bottle.

If you need assistance eradicating these pests or any others from your home, give us a call at 941-729-6022 or contact us through our website, and we will provide you with a free quote. We also serve other communities in Manatee County as well as those living in Hillsborough and Sarasota Counties.

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