Bradenton Pest Control

Ant 6For 40 years, Pickhardt Pest Services has been serving residents and businesses in the Bradenton area with landscaping and pest control services. Owner and founder Vernie Pickhardt has developed a keen understanding of local pests and how to eradicate them. Today, Pickhardt Pest Services handles a wide range of infestations involving ants, cockroaches, whiteflies and other pests. If your home or business is plagued by infestation, Pickhardt Pest Services can handle the problem for the sake of your property and your peace of mind.

Have Your Home Pest Free

Sharing your Bradenton home with pests is far from ideal. No matter what type of pest is involved, this situation can prevent you from relaxing and enjoying your domain to the fullest. Even if you have some luck with do-it-yourself pest control tricks, infestations are unlikely to disappear without professional help. Pickhardt Pest Services combines cutting-edge techniques and equipment with extensive experience. After a visit from us, you will be able to reclaim your property knowing that pests will stay gone for good.

Keep Your Business for Your Customers

Infestations repel customers, and this is true regardless of what products or services you handle. Pests are unsanitary and may cause false impressions of carelessness or incompetence. With timely treatment from Pickhardt Pest Services, you can maintain your standing in your community. To streamline pest control for commercial properties, we offer custom billing that fits neatly into your budget. Our commercial services include extermination of existing infestations as well as preventive options to thwart pest problems in the future.

Ants, Cockroaches and Whiteflies

These pests are among the most common in Bradenton, and each can cause unique problems that disrupt your work and leisure. Ghost ants, white-footed ants and Caribbean crazy ants are the ants you are most likely to encounter here. Differences between ant types can make control more challenging, but Pickhardt Pest Services is experienced at identification as well as extermination. Cockroaches are hardy and prolific, and a visible infestation may represent only a small part of the whole population involved. This makes quick control vital when cockroaches are involved. Whiteflies, which breed quickly and infest a wide range of plants, may swarm and ruin attempts to enjoy your porch or backyard. We can eliminate whiteflies so you can relish your time outdoors once again.

Bradenton Pest Control You Can Afford

Pickhardt Pest Services is known for effectiveness and dependability and maintains an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. We service homes and businesses throughout Manatee, Sarasota and Hillsborough Counties. If you are faced with any type of vermin on your property, contact Pickhardt Pest Services today to get a free quote on pest control services.

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