Bayshore Gardens Pest Control

Founded and owned by a graduate horticulturist with 35 years of experience, Pickhardt Professional Services provides quality residential and commercial pest control services to the residents of Bayshore Gardens, Florida, and all of Manatee, Sarasota and Hillsborough counties. We pride ourselves on providing a personalized experience that is designed to address the specific needs of each customer and working out a program that is guaranteed to leave you in a pest-free environment. Help is available for any pest problem, and these are just a few of the troublesome creatures that we can eliminate from your home or business.


American Roach 2If you see a single cockroach scurrying around in your home, then you have to expect that there are hundreds or thousands more of them in hiding. These nasty creatures can get inside of your home from the smallest of entry points, and you can be facing a huge infestation of these bacteria- and virus-carrying insects that may cause your family to become ill. Our technicians will inspect your home to determine how bad the problem is, and you can expect to have all of the cockroaches eliminated in a safe manner that won't harm your children or pets. 


Something as simple as a child spilling sugar on the kitchen counter can lead to a line of ants coming into your home for a meal. Ants are a commonly-reported pest problem, and Florida has several different kinds of ants to worry about. Whether you are dealing with ants inside of your home or have the misfortune of fire ants doling out their nasty stings in your yard, we can take care of your ant problem in an efficient and timely manner.


Cat flea full of human bloodFleas love to burrow in your carpet, bedding and furniture, and your home can quickly become infested by biting fleas if you fail to keep your indoor dogs and cats on a regular flea treatment. Once your pets have been treated, our technicians can then enter your home and eliminate the fleas and their eggs.


Serious illness can be spread through tick bites in the form of the Bourbon virus and Lyme disease. It's important to keep your indoor pets protected with a regular tick treatment, but you must also protect yourself by avoiding tall grass, using a good insect repellent and checking yourself for ticks regularly. If you suspect your home is infested with ticks, then our technicians can take care of that right away. 

If you have questions or concerns about these or any other pest, then contact us at 941-729-6022 today. We will send out one of our highly-trained and friendly technicians to give you a free quote, and we will work to provide you with a resolution to any pest problems as quickly as possible.

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